by Black Bubblegum

Day two of the At The Gates mayhem - July 10, 2008 (sabeth)
At The Gates

It doesn't matter what kind of band you have, if you have a room full of people who let go of the ol' jaded-NYC-crossed-arms-seen-all-before thing - it's gonna come off well. That's exactly how it went down with At The Gates last night at Irving Plaza (July 10, 2008) It was their second NYC show in a row, and the second show of their North American "Suicidal Final" reunion tour. While they were technically excellent and crowd-participation was on high (to say the least), I wasn't blown away by their stage presence or their mostly stoic stage show. That said, the sound was excellent from my vantage point and I almost wanted to be one of THOSE guys..."Dude, I was in the pit for AT THE GATES!" Remember, I said almost. Video from the show and setlist follows.

At The Gates - "Slaughter Of The Soul"

AT THE GATES Setlist @ Irving Plaza, 7/10/08 (identical to 7/9/08):

01. Slaughter Of The Soul
02. Cold
03. Terminal Spirit Disease
04. Raped By The Light Of Christ
05. Under A Serpent Sun
06. Windows
07. World Of Lies
08. The Burning Darkness
09. The Swarm
10. Forever Blind
11. Nausea
12. The Beautiful Wound
13. Suicide Nation
14. All Life Ends
15. Need
16. Blinded By Fear
17. The Flames Of The End (from tape)