Following allegations of abuse against members of the Minneapolis alternative music scene, including DJ Fundo (who has DJed for P.O.S of Doomtree and Prof), Prof himself, and Dem Atlas, Prof and Dem Atlas' label Rhymesayers issued a statement saying that both Prof and Dem Atlas had been dropped from the label, and that Rhymesayers would be making a conscious effort to vet new artists and challenge questionable music going forward.

Now, Slug of Atmosphere (one of Rhymesayers' co-owners) issued his own statement. It reads in part:

I apologize for going quiet.

I've been on pause, reading and listening to women around me open up about misogyny and abuse in our music community and beyond.

It has me reflecting and processing all the ways I've contributed to these problems. Past and present.

You will find evidence of misogyny in my music and my life. I will never deny that.

As much as I've tried to turn it around and balance it by seeking personal growth, there's no such thing as "doing enough."

I've committed to learning how I can do better.

In his statement, Slug also wrote "I love my little brother Dem Atlas," which prompted one person to reply, "It's a disrespect to the women who have come forward about Dem Atlas over the years to openly say you 'love' their abuser." Slug then responded, "I hear this. and I recognize my oversight and the harm it could cause. thank you for this." Read his full statement below.

Previously, the Doomtree collective said that they had a "long, hard, honest crew meeting" and that we'd "hear more from [them] soon." P.O.S and other individual Doomtree members also posted statements.

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, who worked with P.O.S and other Doomtree members in Gayngs, tweeted, "Mpls music shit this week is so intense. So many facts. So much ricocheting, lotta damage. From my distance, I do see all of it as progress."

UPDATE: This tweet was added in the morning:


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