Adam Goren (aka Atom and His Package) has a new band with Brian Sokel (of AM/FM and Franklin) called Dead Best, whose self-titled debut album arrives December 10 via Don Giovanni (pre-order). As the band's bio points out, Adam and Brian had toured together for years, released music on each other's self-run labels, and Atom and His Package paid tribute to Brian's former band with a song called "For Franklin," but they never collaborated on music until they got to talking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album's first single is opening track "Life, Love, and Liberty," an 85-second noise-punk ripper that sets an appealing tone for this LP and sounds pretty promising. Give it a listen below.

Dead Best

1. Life, Love, And Liberty
2. Dead Teachers
3. Deaf, Dumb And Blind
4. Zombies Of Love
5. The Grind
6. Dooms
7. Just Sounds
8. The Lure
9. Stop Me Before
10. What God?
11. Haunt You
12. Cured
13. American

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