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BrooklynVegan: A lot of your US fans are wondering why [Sleep] aren't doing a US tour or even a show in San Francisco and NYC. Whats the reasoning? Is that mostly due to Chris?

Sleep's Matt Pike: I think the dude just wants to retire.... He lives up in the hills and he's got a lot going on... I don't think the rock lifestyle is really for him. Chris is really a "to himself" kind of guy... he's an awesome guy and an awesome drummer. But yeah, I don't think that's the lifestyle he wants... and me and Al... both of us are obviously lifers. But he still wanted to [reunited Sleep for shows in Europe] genuinely to wrap up what we started so long ago... and for our fans. I mean we played Jerusalem as Dopesmoker for a long time on tour, but people didn't even get into it until we broke up.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Kutscher's is going to need a fumigator and a team with some SERIOUS HVAC experience. Sleep has announced that they will perform all of Holy Mountain at ATP New York 2010, right beside Iggy & the Stooges performing Raw Power, Mudhoney doing Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles and The Scientists (their first ever US show) who will preform all of Blood Red River!!!

To continue our year-long celebrations of Ten Years of ATP we are thrilled to announce that All Tomorrow's Parties will return to Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello for it's third ATP New York festival over Labor Day weekend, running from Friday 3rd September - Sunday 5th September. Weekend and Day Tickets are available, with a Layaway Ticket option available. [ATP]

The "Iggy & The Stooges" lineup (as opposed to The Stooges) means the addition of James Williamson back into the fold, who Iggy collaborated with on Raw Power, Kill City, and New Values. The Raw Power announcement isn't much of a surprise, as Iggy let it slip last month.

Al Cisneros of Sleep/Om recently played NYC as part of Shrinebuilder along with Rwake and Liturgy. Pics from that show are here. Matt Pike of Sleep also played NYC recently, as part of High On Fire. Dig on pics from that show here and here.

Another flyer, more info on this year's fest, and some videos from the Sleep reunion in the UK are below...


On Friday 3rd September we will present our regular day of Don't Look Back performances, with a very special list of acts set to perform:

IGGY & THE STOOGES performing Raw Power
SLEEP performing Holy Mountain
MUDHONEY performing Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles
THE SCIENTISTS performing Blood Red River (first ever U.S. Show)
+ more to be confirmed!

Friday will also feature DJs, a Comedy Stage and Cinema curated by the Criterion Collection.

We will be confirming the line-up for Saturday and Sunday over the coming weeks. We can also confirm that this year the bars, food vendors and Djs will continue until 6pm on Monday 6th September so that all guests can enjoy a later check-out and a more relaxing start to their post-ATP week!

Tickets priced at $250 + booking fee for the weekend, or Friday day tickets priced at $110 + booking fee are on pre-sale now via Paypal direct to ATP. To buy tickets email with NEW YORK TICKET BUY in the subject line and specifying how many tickets you would like to purchase.


To make it easier for some people to pay for their weekend tickets, we will allow them to pay $125 of their weekend ticket price now, with the second $125 payable by 31st March 2010. For more information and to take part email with NEW YORK LAYAWAY in the subject line.

Accommodation costs $150 per person for the three nights + room tax. There is also a small transaction fee added to cover paypal fees. All rooms must be paid for with Paypal.

Rooms at Kutshers are available for groups of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 people. Here is a breakdown of the costs including room tax + paypal transaction fees:

3 Berth Room: $508.50 + paypal fee = $530
4 Berth Room: $678 + paypal fee = $710
5 Berth Room: $847.50 + paypal fee = $885
6 Berth Room: $1017 + paypal fee = $1060
7 Berth Room: $1185.50 + paypal fee = $1235

To order a room please email with ATP NEW YORK ROOM BUY in the subject line, and please specify the size of room you want.

Sleep @ ATP 2009 in the UK