Mayhem frontman/black metal legend/Sunn O))) shadow-member/assistant production designer of Tony Scott's Spy Game Attila Csihar is obviously a man of many talents and interests, and now his impressive list of collaborators (which also includes Jarboe, Ulver and Anaal Nathrakh) now features members of Slipknot and Dragonforce.

That is correct: the new supergroup Sinsaenum, which has just debuted its first song, features Attila alongside ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, Dragonforce bassist Frédéric Leclercq, Chimaira vocalist Sean Zatorsky, and Seth guitarist Heimoth. It would be weird enough if it were just Attila + a member of Slipknot, but throwing a member of Dragonforce in the mix really makes for a uniquely strange brew.

And yet: The actual song, called "Army of Chaos" is extremely straightforward, hooky mainstream death metal that there honestly isn't much to say about, other than "its not half bad." It has a pretty vintage Attila vocal passage around the 3-minute mark that's followed by a fire-breathing guitar solo. It hits all the beats. I'm at a loss.

There's also a video where you basically just see everybody doing their bearded thing. Sinsaenum's debut album Echoes Of The Tortured comes out on July 29th, and you can watch that video below.

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