Morrissey released a statement about his interview with German magazine Der Spiegel saying they did not convey his views fairly, and also saying they would not release the original audio of the tape. Well, Der Spiegel has now posted the audio of the interview. While the translations -- which went from English to German and back to English -- were not exact, they were close. Here is the transcription of Morrissey talking about Kevin Spacey:

As far as I understand the situation, he was in a hotel room with a 14 year old. Kevin Spacey was 26, the boy 14. You have to wonder where the boy's parents were. You have to assume he had an inkling of what might possibly happen. I don't know about you but I've never been --in my youth I was never in situations like that. Never. I was always aware of how things could go. If you were in somebody's bedroom you'd have to be aware of where it could lead to and you'd have to say "Why are we here? Why aren't we downstairs on the lobby?' So it doesn't ring quite true to me and it does seem to me he has quite unnecessarily attacked.

You can listen to the entire Der Spiegel interview with Morrissey here.