by Black Bubblegum

Swede badasses GADGET in 2007.

I definitely have been going on and on and on about the awesome Maryland Deathfest, and while my stoke-ability level is still tres tres high, we now have have something closer to home to look forward to from the very same team behind MDF! Behold the Auditory Assault Festival with it's holy-shit list of grind badasses:

Auditory Assault Festival
May 16 + 17 in New York City
venue T.B.A.

First bands announced:
Brutal Truth (New York)
Gadget (Sweden)
Sayyadina (Sweden)
Pigsty (Czech Republic)
Jig-Ai (Czech Republic)
Kill The Client (Texas)
Total Fucking Destruction (Pennsylvania)
Defeatist (New York)

Hey MDF dudes, hows about throwing NYC a little Bolt Thrower / Pestilence / Crowpath / Aura Noir / Atheist / Napalm Death / Mayhem action our way.

Kill The Client was one of my favorite records of 2008. Brutal Truth reformed and played their first reunion show in NYC in August of 2008. Total Fucking Destruction recently dropped Peace Love & Total Fucking Destruction on Enucleation (Thx KK & Coma1138).