Young Australian punk trio The Chats are gearing up to release their debut album, High Risk Behavior, on March 27 via Bargain Bin / Cooking Vinyl. (You can pre-order it via Bandcamp.) You can check the video for rowdy recent single "Dine and Dash," and listen to a few other songs off the LP, below.

Despite the title of their album, The Chats are currently not engaging in any high risk behavior; instead they're hanging out at their homes due to the coronavirus, which unfortunately put the kibosh on their upcoming North American tour which was to have started mid-April. We checked in with guitarist/vocalist Josh Price, drummer Matt Boggis, and bassist/vocalist Eamon Sandwith to see how they're holding up, and what music, TV, and other activities are occupying their time while self-isolating. Read that below.


Eamon Sandwith: "I’ve been watching The Simpsons (ONLY SEASONS 1-9 AFTER SEASON 9 IT TURNED TO SHIT); I’ve been reading John Lydon’s autobiography Anger Is an Energy which is an interesting read, and I’ve been listening to Aborted Tortoise’s new EP Scale Model Subsistence Vendor, Powerplant’s People in the Sun LP, and Gee Tee’s EP Chromo-Zone. I’ve also been testing how far I can insert objects into my anus.

Matt Boggis: Been listening to lots of Rolling Blackouts, and a brissy band called First Beige. Watching a movie called the Hateful 8, slowly getting through it. Have been playing guitar a lot, and looking at the wall as well.

Josh "Pricey" Price: I’ve been listening to the chats, watching the chats and and reading about the chats and doing drugs.