burnt skull

Texas two-piece Burnt Skull sound pretty much like you'd expect them to with a name like that -- punishing, relentless bile. Dustin Pilkington (who's also in Total Abuse) and and Anthony Davis also make music together as Best Fwends, but this is decidedly nastier noise. Their album, Sewer Birth, came out early this year on Gerard Cosloy's 12XU label and you can stream it in full below.

Burnt Skull are playing their first-ever non-TX shows this weekend, both in the Northeast. On Friday (11/7) they play the Boston Hassle Fest with No Joy, Guerrilla Toss, Debo Band and more. (Full schedule for the two-day event below). Then on Saturday (11/8) Burnt Skull play Death by Audio with White Mice, Doomsday Student, Child Bite, and Necking.

Album stream, flyers for Boston Hassle and DbA show, below...


boston hassle

FRIDAY (7th) HASSLE FEST 6 @ Cuisine en Locale
(performance times subject to change)
6.00 Rosie and the Rosies
6.20 Pigeons
6.40 Particulars
7.00 Pile
7.20 Nancy
7.40 Burnt Skull
8.30 Debo Band
9.00 Inhalants
9.30 Nautical Almanac
10.00 Guerilla Toss
10.30 Lescalleet/ Drumm duo
11.00 No Joy
11.40 Corsano/ Orcutt duo

HASSLE FEST 6 @ Cuisine en Locale
(performance times subject to change)
3.00 Pete Negroponte & Fat Bobby duo
3.20 Couples Counseling
3.40 Old Wave
4.00 Colin L Orchestra
4.25 Tomboy
5.05 KTB
5.25 CE Schneider Topical
5.45 Jerry Paper
6.10 Junkyard (Adam Dreebs)
6.30 Quicksails
6.50 Khaki Blazer
7.10 Tredici Bacci
7.30 Grizzler
7.50 Le Trash Can
8.10 Brandon Seabrook
8.30 Horselords
8.50 Hyrrokin
9.15 Ben Hersey
9.35 Blues Control
10.05 Bill Orcutt
10.35 Prostitutes
11.05 Devin Gary and Ross (w/ Kramer)
11.35 Body/Head


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