by Bill Pearis


Australian band Deaf Wish are an extremely well-named band. Their set at Death by Audio back in October when they played with Ausmuteants was maybe the loudest show I saw at the venue (or any venue) that year. In a good way. That visceral feeling in the chest only comes with instruments cranked. The band are gearing up to unleash their new album, appropriately titled Pain, on August 7 via Sub Pop. It's a real snarling beast, not all unhinged ragers, but even the "mellow" songs sound loud and full of contempt. (Total Control's Mikey Young did a great job mixing this thing.) You can stream "Eyes Closed" below...


Deaf Wish - Pain tracklist:
01 "The Whip"
02 "Newness Again"
03 "They Know"
04 "Sunset's Fool"
05 "Eyes Closed"
06 "Pain"
07 "Sex Witch"
08 "On"
09 "Dead Air"
10 "Calypso"