Wayside are a new-ish Australian band who blend emo, shoegaze, grunge, dream pop, and more in a way that recalls stuff like Title Fight, Turnover, Superheaven, and Balance and Composure and should definitely appeal to fans of those bands. They've been dropping singles for their debut LP Shine Onto Me (due March 3) since mid-2020, and we're now premiering a fourth, "Rainbow Machine."

The song "is simply about going through the seasons of missing someone for years and years," the band tells us. "Not being able to escape someone's ghost in your own house, and how those notions can lead to tracing the lines, questioning how you’d do things differently if you had your time over." It's equal parts atmospheric and anthemic, as you can hear for yourself below.

Videos for the three previous singles and full tracklist below too.

1. Room 22
2. Cherophobia
3. Moonflower
4. Halcyon
5. ill-fate I
6. ill-fate II
7. Suffer
8. Shine (Onto Me)
9. Perfume Days
10. Rainbow Machine
11. In A Place


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