Sydney hardcore band SPEED have been on the rise in the Australian hardcore scene, and they're now starting to leave a mark in the US too. They recently toured with LA band Terror, who apparently suggested the band to Baltimore label Flatspot Records, who coincidentally had already been eying them. SPEED ended up signing to Flatspot and their first release for the label will be the two-song 2020 Flex that drops on June 19 (as a split release with Australian label Last Ride Records).

The band, whose members are mostly of Southeast Asian descent, have become known for making it a point to stand up against racism, xenophobia, and the toxic masculinity and gender prejudices that often infiltrate hardcore, and as vocalist Jem Siow explains, their new song "A Dumb Dog Gets Flogged" was "born in reaction to the failed leadership of our government during the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires. Empathy and compassion should always be the premise for meaningful action." Sonically, it's a dose of heavy, chunky, '90s-style metallic hardcore and it's the perfect vessel to convey this kind of anger to the world. Jem also adds, "We’re super humbled to have Flatspot Records (US) team up with Last Ride (AU) on this release to help open our Australian doors to the world."

With everything going on right now, the band and labels are donating 50% of webstore profits to The Bail Project and 50% to Sisters Inside.

Listen to the new song:

For more SPEED, watch this live video that hate5six shot of them earlier this year:


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