Australian screamo band Blind Girls are gearing up to follow their 2018 debut LP Residue with their sophomore album, The Weight of Everything, on March 26 via Zegema Beach Records, Left Hand Label, and Life Lair Regret Records. Ahead of the release, we're premiering lead single "Wish," which pairs Sharni Brouwer's harsh, impassioned screams against a backdrop that starts out discordant and chaotic before turning into something much more sweeping and climactic.

"The Weight of Everything is our most developed and refined work yet, and showcases both extremes of the band’s sound that we established on our 2018 debut album Residue," the band says. "For this album we expanded our collaborative circle for the first time to include audio engineer Brock Weston and mixing engineer Rollie Ulug, resulting in, what we think, is our best sounding release to date."

"It’s been a relatively quiet period for Blind Girls during the pandemic, with no live performances due to public health concerns and border restrictions," they continue. "The lack of performance opportunities allowed us to focus on writing with new member Luke Sweeney, whose contributions provided fresh ideas and musical territory for us to explore."

The band also mention that they have plans to tour Australia and will play the Edentulous Art and Sound Expedition. Listen to the new song below.


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