Keeping track of Melbourne, Australia's fertile (incestuous) indie rock scene is a full time job, given so many of the musicians are in 13 bands each and they keep making more. Lower Plenty, named after a Melbourne suburb, features Al Montefort (Total Control, Dick Diver, etc), Daniel Twomey and Jensen Tjhung of Deaf Wish, and Sarah Heyward and make music that ranges from gentle guitar pop to more experimental/drony workouts. The group just released their fourth album, Sister Sister, via Bedroom Suck records and you can stream the whole thing below.

We also got Lower Plenty to contribute a 2016 Top 10 list which Jensen and Al both contribute to. If you dig garage punk and some of the other bands Al and Jensen are in, there are some good discoveries here. You can can check out their picks, with streams and some commentary, below.


Sweet Whirl tape "ok permanent wave" (Nice Music)
Holy late night service for the lost.

Pigeons - "Buoy" (Soft Abuse)
unexpected sick lead break bursts this song apart, cant get enough

The Garbage and the Flowers 'The Deep Nice' (grapefruit)
First LP from 91 rediscovered and reassembled tapes, a masterpiece.

Hitachi H65 the world's best jackhammer
Violent green concrete breaker, the highest selling jackhammer in Australia. Case has wheels.

Al Monty:

Maraudeur - Tape 2
Geneva Freaks.

Anxiety - MLP Anxiety
Glaswegian freaks.

Sarcasm - Total institution tape
London freaks.

The World - Managerial Material
-Great band from the Bay.

Centre Negative - Emotion is Cringey
-Kiwi Freaks.

The Rangoons - CBT Asylum
-Sydney Freaks. Jay has a way with words!

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