Australia's charming Totally Mild will be back with new album, Her, on February 23 via Chapter Music. "Her is a record of failure and victory, new desire, stale romance, queer domesticity and what comes when the party is over," says singer, guitarist and main songwriter Elizabeth Mitchell. "I was torn between a new domestic life and the impulse to tear it all away with bad choices. I fell in love, but I wrestled for independence. I was always trying to prove that I didn't need anyone; my wife, my friends, my band. Her is a document of a woman struggling with the idea of potential. We are told that we could be limitless, but we wrestle with unseen personal and structural walls."

The first single from Her is "Today Tonight" which Mitchell says was written during a period of unemployment and is "quite literally me passing the days waiting for my girlfriend to come home from work. Sinking into the kind of depression that comes from doing nothing when you have the time to do whatever you want, the guilt of unproductivity. The house becomes a trap, you're not interesting enough to leave it anyway." The video, directed by Tobias Willis, plays off the song's lyrical themes in an old Hollywood Style. Watch that below.

Totally Mild, who toured around SXSW early this year, will return to SXSW in 2018. Stay tuned for more tour dates.


Totally Mild - Her tracklist:

1. Sky
2. Pearl
3. Working Like A Crow
4. From One Another
5. Lucky Stars
6. Today Tonight
7. Underwater
8. Take Today
9. More
10. Down Together

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