Autre Ne Veut helped pioneer the indie/R&B crossover of the early 2010s, though they’ve been quiet for a while, but now they’re back with their first new song in seven years, and it picks up right where they left off. They say, “‘Okay’ is about acquiescing, it’s about being patient, it’s about accepting that on the other side of a long journey may be more work, but with any luck, ‘Okay’ is about acceptance. I’m so grateful to be able to share this part of me with y’all again. I’ve missed you.”

Video director John Robson adds, “We had an interesting challenge of trying to create a music video that takes place at the bottom of the ocean despite being in the midst of a pandemic and on opposite ends of the country. The solution was to create a digitally scanned version of Autre Ne Veut, which was animated completely using body and facial motion capture instead of traditional methods. This process allowed for a deeply intimate and unique performance that lives in a hybrid reality that both mimics real life while at the same time enhancing it beyond anything that could have been shot on camera.”

Check it out: