As you may already know, Greenpoint DIY venue Aviv is closing at the end of October, but hoping to relocate. The venue's final schedule is here, and it's got some pretty cool stuff running from tonight (10/7) through Halloween.

There's the Slingshot Dakota and Kississippi show on October 10, the Big Ups / Greys show on October 13, and secret headliners on October 23, 26, and 30.

UPDATE: Two Aesop Rock collaborators, Onry Ozzborn and Rob Sonic, team up for a show there on 10/16 (tickets).

Iron Chic (who play Long Island with Fucked Up tonight) will be there on October 20 with the reunited GreenSleep (tickets). Goth-country singer King Dude hits Aviv on 10/22 with Destroying Angel (tickets). Yonatan Gat plays 10/29, and the closing Halloween show is headlined by Show Me the Body.

Check out the full schedule, as it currently stands:

10/7: Bearcat, Scraaatch, Shyboi, Venus X

10/8: ABC No Rio in Exile at Aviv, Part 1: Red Arkade, Learning Curve, Rebuschaos, Material Support

10/8 (late show): JJ Doll, Exotica, Yung Mayne, Ezrakh, DJ Guy

10/10: Slingshot Dakota, Kississippi, Fern Mayo

10/11: Blast, Preme The God, J Yard, Ramona Lang, Young Ye, Abso, An Capone, Sky Suprano, Jackie Lain

10/12: Zenizen, Salt Cathedral, Madison McFerrin, Bae Bro

10/13: Big Ups, Greys, Patio, Yucky Duster (Psychocandy 33 1/3 Book Release Party)

10/15: Nervous Dater, Binary Heart, Cold Wrecks, Safety, Racoon City (Gainesville Girls Rock Camp benefit)

10/16: Onry Ozzborn, Rob Sonic, Upgrade, Rafael Vigilantics

10/19: Teen Body, more TBA

10/20: Iron Chic, Greensleep, For Everest, Pass Away

10/21: Skarroñeros, Namatay Sa Ingay, Demencia Alkoholika, Electro Insides, Dog Breath

10/22: King Dude, Destroying Angel

10/22: RP Boo, Total Freedom, DJ Haram, Mel G (late show)

10/23: secret headliner, Krimewatch, Death Vacation, Glory

1024: Sunrot, Dutchguts, Sergeon, Devoidov, Somnuri

10/25: Trenchgrinder, Pyrolatrous, Subversive Rites, Urchin

10/26: secret headliner, Surprise Intruders, Stringer, Museum of Recycling

10/27: Painted Zeros, Turnip King, Bambara, more TBA

10/28: CryptKeepers

10/29: Yonatan Gat, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Bambara, Turnip King, Stuyedeyed

10/30: secret headliner, Parlor Walls, Thick, Vowws, shoeshine

10/31: Show Me The Body (Halloween Party)

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