Aziz Ansari will release a new Netflix comedy special, Right Now, on Tuesday, July 9. The special was directed by Spike Jonze. and looks like it was shot during Aziz's recent run at BAM in Brooklyn. (This tweet seems to confirm that.) You can watch the teaser trailer for it, which doesn't contain any jokes, below.

This will be Ansari's first comedy special since being accused of sexual misconduct in January 2018. Shows from his 2019 tour have included him addressing the accusations, and the Daily Beast caught one of his BAM shows and wrote that he opened the show talking the accusations and the experience, calling him "candid, contrite, contemplative. Very somber. Very serious." More:

“Not the most hilarious opening to a show,” he joked, after about two minutes in which you could hear a pin drop in BAM’s cavernous opera house as he addressed the controversy.

In fact, the experience seemed to be the genesis for the entire set, which, in Ansari’s mischievous and observant style, considered and poked fun at the ways in which “wokeness” has come to define our lives in recent years, to effects both wonderful and absolutely exhausting.

More mellow and amusing than uproariously funny, his Road to Nowhere set was something kind of remarkable. Ansari seems to have used a traumatic event that ignited a cultural conflagration when it came to debates about consent, #MeToo, and responsibility, and turned it into an entire set that reveals the ways he has had to personally reconsider his own values—in turn commenting on how our entire culture is handling rapidly changing rules and mores.

You can read the whole Daily Beast piece here.

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