Last night I passed out after work. That means I didn't make it to Mercury Lounge to catch Baby Dayliner, Bling Kong and Hair Supply. damn. All three are on my list of bands to see.


Fun Funny, it's funny, a raid on your heart, he sings, Fun funny, it's funny a raid on your soul! Leonard Cohen's songcraft meet's Jay Z's beats and Al Green's peformance style? Is this a 21st century Frank Sinatra?

Watch a Baby Dayliner video. Raid (large movie file, best to download to your computer)

Own the same song.


Bling Kong is more than a band, more than an experience, more than a spectacle - it is a an absolute freakin' monster in every sense of the word.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, check them out.

Listen to them here.


Hair Supply are members of Satanicide playing Air Supply covers, and since Satanicide rules, I have to give Hair Supply a try. More in my last post about them.

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