Music venues are, along with a lot of other businesses, being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic as they weather extended closures. Many NYC venues have launched GoFundMes and Williamsburg club Baby's All Right has just launched Baby TV, a streaming platform that will host live performances and more:

Baby’s All Right is and will forever be about creating a community and a space for artists and fans to come together in love and unity. It’s a mission that could never have been accomplished without a dedicated and loving staff, all of whom are now very suddenly out of work. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are launching a streaming platform that recreates the social function of our venue while at the same time helping to put money back into the pockets of those who need it. Each show will be $5 with an option to donate above and beyond. Proceeds will be shared among the artist, the staff of Baby’s All Right and Make The Road NY making an impact on New York City.

Baby TV also notes that these performances will be performed from the artists' "living space or another space of their choosing" and "fans can message artists in real time to interact & request songs." The initial lineup of shows has been announced:

  • Wednesday, April 1: Why Bonnie & Peaer
  • Thursday, April 2: Locate S,1 (Album release show)
  • Friday, April 3: Jotay
  • Saturday, April 4: Cam Tony which appears to be Mac DeMarco ("An experimental jam session or card trick with everyone's favorite mischievous star...")

Tickets for those shows are on sale now.

Meanwhile, Baby's All Right is also offering the "Baby Chain of Love," an 18k gold plated chain with a "Baby" pendant that, if you buy during the COVID-19 crisis ($199.99), will get you a "'season pass' to Baby's All Right F O R E V E R." There are only 100 available and some restrictions do apply. More info here and you can see it modeled on the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man below:

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