Hammerstein Ballroom

I don't know what to say. The Pixies were good, but it wasn't as exciting as seeing them in Montreal. That wasn't true for everyone. The crowd generally seemed really happy. One guy I met was going to six shows, and was just as enthused tonight as he supposedly was the past two. Maybe I was just tired, though I think the venue had a lot to do with it.

Hammerstein Ballroom is a big, crowded, scary venue. People on the floor were stuffed in like sardines from the front to the back-back-back area. You can't really dance. Beer is $7.00 for Coors, or $8.00 for Corona (plus tip). A red bull and vodka is $10. Tickets were $50. The live CDs are $28 (with shipping). No digital cameras. etc. etc. (Those going to see Ashlee in March should take note!)

On a more positive note...the place was only about half full (postive for me) for Broken Social Scene (or "Boring Social Scene" as my uninterested companion called them), and I loved them again. Some have commented that the technical difficulties ruined Wednesday night's Bowery show for them. This show was free of that nonsense. The set was short and sweet. No talking. No pauses. All playing. Huge Sound. Huge Stage. I liked it (even if previously mentioned companion said that he was "embarrassed to be white right now"). Only criticism is that they need to turn up their vocals. Oh yeah...BSS was very thankful to be playing the show (they talked a little).

Here are some more reviews from the shows this week

'I suppose you have heard of The Pixies and Mission of Burma by now right. Well tonite's show was damn fantastic. We were on the 8th "row" and had a great view of Black Francis' girth. I must say it's a toss up between this and Wilco at Radio City for Best Show of 2004.'
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'I don't know why, but even though they played a great show, I'm having difficulty being enthusiastic about the whole thing. I guess you just can't go home again, y'know? Also, Hammerstein Ballroom is way too big for a rock show. I hate that place.'
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Part of the amazing sold out performance at Hammerstein Ballroom on December 13. All the favorites were played with the exception of "Head On"...I think that Frank Black (aka Black Francis) might fall over dead soon from the strain, but it makes a better show!
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Last night they played about 30 songs in rapid fire sequence, all of which were killer. It wasn't until the very end of the show when Joey Santiago goofed up (possibly purposely), "La La Love You" that any of the songs sounded less than brilliant.
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Last night was hands down the best show I've seen all year. Charles was in fine form, his voice an amazing instrument of humor and sheer madness. "Tame" was epic; the highlight of the set for me.
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