NJ hardcore fest Back to School Jam returns in 2018 on September 8 at White Eagle Hall (after a controversial 2017 that saw the fest moving from its usual home of GameChangerWorld to Starland Ballroom, getting cancelled, and moved back to GameChangerWorld). This year's lineup includes modern thrash greats Power Trip, the reunited Buried Alive (Scott Vogel's pre-Terror band), reunited NJ hardcore/ska band Folly, Brooklyn hardcore vets Indecision, New Haven vets Death Threat, DC crossover thrashers Red Death, Boston's indie rock-leaning Fiddlehead (members of Have Heart and Basement), North Carolina's Magnitude, Richmond's Nosebleed, and Bane frontman Aaron Bedard's new band Antagonize. Tickets are on sale now.

Power Trip are currently on tour with Sheer Mag, Fury and Red Death, having recently played NYC (pics).

Listen to music by every band playing Back to School Jam below:

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