When the 2017 Back to School Jam was announced, it was a bit of a surprise that the NJ hardcore fest moved from its usual home of GameChangerWorld to Starland Ballroom, and that pop punk band State Champs were headlining. Drama ensued, and now the festival is back at GameChangerWorld with a smaller lineup that's more in line with its status quo. GameChangerWorld posted a long explanation on their Facebook, telling their side of the story (which you can read below).

Back to School Jam 2017 now happens September 9 at GameChangerWorld with Angel Du$t, Jesus Piece, Microwave, Praise, Jukai, Westpoint, Year Of The Knife, Jake Clarke, Glory, Queensway, Illusion, The Fight, Incendiary and All Out War. Tickets are on sale now.

UDPATE: State Champs have moved their show to Jersey City's White Eagle Hall, still on September 9 (tickets).

Here's GameChangerWorld's full statement:

To Our Hardcore and GameChangerWorld family.

This is a story to set the record straight, we appreciate the time you take to read this.

On Friday afternoon, GameChangerWorld welcomes Back To School Jam 2017.
Back To School Jam 2017 returns to its "home."

GameChangerWorld wants to educate the public on the "true" story which led to the unfolding of an event we cherished, prized and loved so much hosting. Back To School Jam. From Starland, to iPlay, to GameChangerWorld.
The truth.

The event was planned for GameChangerWorld on Saturday, September 9th, 2017. We worked extensively with our dear friend Greg Falchetto to build an incredible event. What transpired, is to be summed up in this post. Greg is an independent hardcore promoter who loves his scene and someone whom GameChagnerWorld will take a bullet for.

Greg Falchetto runs, books, owns and operates Back To School Jam. Greg began booking the event early this Spring and expected to have a solid line up in place for July.

However, an agent didn't want it to go down that simple and as history dictated. This agent, took his personal agenda and re-wrote Back To School jam, awarding State Champs the headline positions and malicously stacked his personal roster to support it. After countless hours negotiating, the agent discarded every credible hardcore and scene act who spent the past five years creating this amazing event. The agent then placed blame on the venue and leadership as to the reasoning to move it to another venue. Out of respect for Greg Falchetto and what he does for the scene, GameChangerWorld took a step back and withdrew itself from consideration.

What we didn't anticipate, led to todays announcement. Somewhere between the offer process and the on sale process, never has an agent overstepped his boundaries and his rights as such. The agent is Brad Wiseman, who is the responsible agent for acts like The Story So Far, State Champs, Four Year Strong, Emmure and many more. Mr. Wiseman believed it was in his best interest to strong arm Greg Falchetto and Back To School Jam to reflect a line up that included only his artists, a move to Starland Ballroom supported to swing the show away from GameChangerWorld where the event originated and has seen years of success. Brad Wiseman, single handledly forced every credible hardcore and scene act away from this bill, to protect his own personal roster, and those within his companies. We believe he acted this without the knowledge or consent of his artists or managers. Brad, took a personal vendetta, for no logical reason, and turned against the same scene which supported and raised his roster. GameChangerWorld was one of the first companies to endorse Mr. Wiseman and his entrepreneurial dreams.

Mr. Wiseman chose bully tactics, strong arm and politics within his company to force the change of venues and traditions within a successful festival. This is the fist time an agent or agency can be credited with ruining an event for personal agendas. Greg Faclhetto and Back To School jam deserved none of this. Imagine an agent trying to control or strong arm Coachella? That was the end around by Mr. Wiseman, too bad it didn't work. Brad Wiseman hasn't answered his office and cell, nor has he responded to any emails from GameChangerWorld and Greg Falchetto. Brad has chosen to hide from his accountability, artists and ethics within this tight knit industry

Brad Wiseman and those who support him have called GameChangerWorld out, accused the venue of wrongdoing in the past and made it clear their artists were to control this line up . Mr Wiseman will no longer be allowed to submit any artist for any of our venues until a public apology is issued to Back To School Jam and GameChangerWorld. Mr, Wiseman has ignored countless emails and texts to rectify the situation and one can only hope that his artists read this and react.


After an on sale of under 300, Starland Ballroom informed Greg and Brad that show show was to be moved or cancelled as it was "dead." Starland Ballroom and its bookers, whom Brad relied on, tossed this event to a children's amusement park called iPlay America. iPlay America, being the career killer it is known as, had only agreed to take the State Champs package as dictated by Brad Wiseman, leaving all of the traditional Back To School Jams artist without a venue or place to play. Back To School Jam was left for dead by Starland Ballroom.

Brad protected his clients State Champs, but did he really?

Brad had agreed due to poor sales to move his acts to the amusement park, rather then swallowing his pride and returning to GameChangerWorld, the venue that has supported him and his artists over the past 10 + years. In fact, GameChangerWorld supported and hosted State Champs in 2016 on their headline tour. We are not sure in Mr. Wiseman educated the band on this situation, of his personal or agenda or what has led to them headlining an event on Saturday, September 9th at a children's amusement park, going up directly against the festival they were forced to headline. Does any of this make sense to you, sure doesn't to us, but one agent, Brad Wiseman, felt compelled to ruin his band career in NJ while sabotaging an independent promoters incredible installation to a music sense, Back To School Jam.

Back To School Jam 2017 is not dead. GameChangerWorld has informed Brad Wiseman and his roster of acts that they are no longer allowed to play at our venue and that Back To School Jam 2017 will PLAY - with PRIDE. GameChangerWorld, its companies and festivals are out of business with Brad Wiseman His acts will be approached as dictated by the fans thru management and at no point will Brad or his hence men have access to our venues or clientele.

Brad Wiseman and his hence men are moving on to a children's amusement park just up the road from Back To School Jam. They are taking with them every act under Brad's roster and those artists who have shown no respect to the scene. Who would ever do this to their artists or an innocent independent promoter. Starland Ballroom and its buyers should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such conduct and as karma dictates, these artists will be part of a wonderful children's special at iPlay America. Get inside the fun State Champ fans - your going up against Back To School Jam and a scene which is far more loyal.

GameChangerWorld faces retaliation from an agency for a stance against support un-fostered artist development. While we have zero fears of not doing business with Mr. Wiseman, the agency or its agents who support such tactics, we will continue to foster, develop and support the small artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries of our future industries.

To the artist, managers and fans of this Mr. Wiseman's roster, we apologize for taking a stand and would hope to continue direct contact and relationships to not allow an individual to ever force such ill will against any independent promoter or company in the future. We believe the scene should stand together in a rally for change of agent due to the unbelievable measures one agent could take to ruin an event like "Back To School Jam," but the artists make that call. Any artist who condones such behavior should fall victim to the same practices its agent keeps. With that being said, any artist, agent or industry professional who sides with such maligned practices will neither be welcomed or supported within our system of family. Brad Wiseman, you need to take accountably for what you did. Plain and simple, your ego hurt a scene and its incredible leadership.

On Friday around noon, the line up that was kicked off Back To School Jam will be performing at a children's amusement park just minutes away from our event. We would encourage all of the artists performing there to enjoy the incredible children's amusements rides and maybe take a brief moment out of their day to pose for a picture with their incredible agent in the candy shop. Then, if time permits, you can pay $50 for a meet and greet, to include unlimited rides for all those between 5 and 12 year old.

For all of those who wish to celebrate the scene, all it stands for, re-entry and no barricade, you know where to find us.

798 Route 9 South
Freehold, NJ 07728

Saturday, September 9th at GameChangerWorld. Doors 12pm.
Knuckles and middle fingers in the air, one clown of an agent, isn't gonna stop our party.

If you love our scene, support independent music and all is stands for Sept. 9th at GameChangerWorld as we welcome home Back To School Jam 2017.
You can find Brad Wiseman on the web at the following addresss. He blocked us once the show got cancelled at Starland. He chose to move his show to a children's amusement parks where careers are lost, not gained.

Please stand up for your local scene and support Back To School Jam 2017, one mans junk is another treasure, and we couldn't be happier.

Thank You Brad Wiseman for showing GameChangerWorld that bottom feeders still prey on the scene.

See you all Saturday, September 9th!


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