Philly grindcore/powerviolence/fastcore maniacs Backslider are releasing a new album, Psychic Rot, on February 11 via To Live A Lie Records (pre-order). We're premiering first single "Corpseflower," a vicious, whiplash-inducing song that clocks in at under two minutes, along with its Frank Huang-directed video.

"Psychic Rot represents delusion and degradation, figuratively more so than literally," vocalist/guitarist Logan Neubauer tells us. "We wanted to make the nastiest record we could that balanced intensity and progression, something that grabbed your attention and held onto it. 'Corpseflower' probably best represents the loose lyrical themes and musical intention of the record - a morbid barrage presented through a kind of degenerate art lense."

About the video, Logan adds, "We’ve known Frank Huang for years and liked the work he’s done for other bands so it made sense to ask him to assist us with this video. I wanted it to feel like a bad trip, intense and overwhelming but visually engaging, like some of the scenes from 'Altered States' or something like that. Frank did a great job of capturing that feeling, when I hear this song the images I see in my mind are nearly identical to what is presented in the video."

Check it out below...


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