Bad Heaven Ltd. is the current creative output for John Galm (who fronted Snowing, Street Smart Cyclist, Slow Warm Death, etc), and the band's lineup also features former TWIABP guitarist Tyler Bussey, Snowing's Ross Brazuk, and Amanda X's Melissa Brain. We recently posted the title track off their upcoming album strength (due August 2), and we're now premiering second single "100," along with its video (by Dana Yurcisin). There's a quiet, atmospheric, slowcore-ish vibe to "100" that kinda sounds like a less noisy Microphones or a more bedroom pop version of early Low. It's a gorgeous song that Galm says is about "trying to live your life while these external forces control the way we live, dictating how we move about in the world." Listen and watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Snowing recently announced their first tour in three years. All dates are in Japan, but fingers crossed that they decide to play the US again too. Tickets here. Tour poster below.

Bad Heaven strength Tracklist
1. inp
2. almost
3. strength
4. dung
5. stick around
6. 100
7. new boy
8. cross
9. gold
10. bed
11. forever

Snowing Japan tour

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