Bad Religion and Against Me! wrapped up their tour together this past weekend. The former were supporting the vinyl release of 30 Years Live and the latter were supporting their new album Shape Shift With Me. We recently caught the tour in NYC, where Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace joined Bad Religion on stage for "Television." More recently we caught it again at San Francisco's Warfield Theatre on October 30.

If there's one thing that stood out about the show, aside from the stellar music, is that it was truly a punk rock family affair. The 30+ contingent walking hand in hand with their young kids, the teenage contingent bouncing down the aisles with mohawks and old school punk rock patches on their denim jackets, the inspiring genderqueer contingent, and the 40+ old-school punker contingent who, despite having seen it all before, managed to enjoy themselves just as much as the young pups. There were even a few grandparents mingling amongst the crowd, which was awesome to see.

Both Against Me! and Bad Religion covered musical ground from throughout their careers, and the fact that they're members of different punk rock generations was completely beside the point. Uplifting, energetic, and powerful music was all folks needed, and they got it in spades. Pictures of the San Francisco show are in the gallery above.

Against Me! are also touring in 2017 with Green Day.


photos by Bobby Cochran