Bad Religion have continued their 40th anniversary year with the release of their third track of 2020, "What Are We Standing For." It's an outtake from 2019's Age of Unreason, and it's exactly the kind of melodic punk ripper Bad Religion have always excelled at, with a very timely message. The song was inspired by athletes taking a knee to protest police brutality. "In this time of tribal nationalism, dissent, as a form of political speech, is vital to democracy," says Brett Gurewitz. Listen below.

Previously, Bad Religion released a drastically reworked version of their 1990 protest song "Faith Alone" and a demo of "Lose Your Head" from Age of Unreason. They also published an autobiography.

Guitarist Brian Baker (also of Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, and the new supergroup Fake Names) appears in the new Anti-Flag documentary.


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