Max Turnbull has made albums as Slim Twig, collaborated with U.S. Girls and leads Toronto's Badge Époque Ensemble, but in addition to those things, he's got a related but separate project, Badge Epoch, that's set to release Scroll later this summer. The 90-minute double-disc odyssey is what Turnbull calls a "journal album," "a cosmic hodge podge of funk, jazz, ambient techno, aggressive guitarmonized rawk, musique concrète, and hip hop.” He also cites "collage" albums like J-Dilla's Donuts and Broadcast & the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age as kindred works.

To help him assemble this collage, Turnbull brought in Toronto sound artist Andrew Zukerman (aka Fleshtone Aura) and the patches of this sonic quilt include ideas from his Slim Twig days, warm-up sessions for U.S. Girls' In a Poem Unlimited, and more. “My instruction was to cut things up, open windows, slice, dice, what have you,” says Max. “Eventually this turned into 4 discrete cycles of music,” which each inhabit a side of the double album.

We've got the premiere of "Consensus Reality," which is the closing track on the first side of Scroll. "This track was initially recorded at a warm up session for the first Badge Époque Ensemble album," Max tell us. "In essence it is the layering of two improvised single takes layered on top of one another, the first composed of bass, drums & keys with a second later overdub session of congas and flute. The restless flipping of the kit beat by Jay Anderson forced us all to maintain a focussed alertness on the present that I took to be a good metaphor for establishing a Consensus Reality among a group of individuals." The video for the song, shot and edited by Alex Kingsmill, has a Koyaanisqatsi feel to it. Watch that below.

Scroll is out August 20 via Telephone Explosion (preorder). Check out artwork and tracklist below.


badge epoch - scroll

Badge Epoch - Scroll tracklist

A1 ‘Galactic Whip’ feat. Jay Anderson (drums), Andy Haas (sax), Tony Price (programming), Ed Squires (conga)
A2 ‘Personality’ feat. Calvin Cheng (violin)
A3 ‘Perception Supremacy’ feat. Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn (vibes)
A4 ‘Consensus Reality’ feat. Badge Époque Ensemble

B1 ‘Dark Gardening’
B2 ‘Fundamentalism’ feat. The Cosmic Range, Michael Rault (bass), Dennis Passley (sax), Ed Squires (congas)
B3 ‘Freedom’
B4 ‘Experiences’ feat. Dennis Passley (sax), Louis Percival (drums)
B5 ‘Prison of Purpose’
B6 ‘Egyptian Liquorice’ feat. The Cosmic Range, Alia O’Brien (flute), Michael Rault (bass), Ed Squires (congas, perc)

C1 ‘Please’ feat. The Cosmic Range (Matt Dunn on guitar), Ed Squires (congas)
C2 ‘Every Thought is a Prayer’ feat. Alia O’Brien (flute)
C3 ‘Partition’ feat. Alia O’Brien (flute), Ed Squires (congas)
C4 ‘Impregnable Cloud’

D1 ‘Consciousness Returned’ feat. Tony Price (programming)
D2 ‘Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup’ feat. The Cosmic Range, Michael Rault (bass)
D3 ‘You Will Find’
D4 ‘Deers in the Cemetery’
D5 ‘Empty Light’ feat. Ed Squires (perc)
D6 ‘Ask For A Void’ feat. Alia O’Brien (flute)

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