Badge Époque Ensemble released two terrific albums in 2022: Clouds of Joy, a gorgeously rendered '70s-style jazzy, proggy, groovy mix of funk, R&B, easy listening; and Clouds of Joy - Chance of Reign, where beatmaking crew Lammping used Clouds of Joy's tracks to make a wonderful '90s-style hip hop record with verses from Boldy James, O.C., Roshin and Theo3. You can listen to both below.

Max Turnbull, who leads Badge Époque, contributed to our year-end extravaganza, giving us his list of his favorite albums of 2022, including Roc Marciano & The Alchemist, Jane Inc (who included Clouds of Joy on her year-end list), Pusha T, Marker Starling, Sam Gendell and more. Check out his list below.

Max Turnbull of Badge Époque Ensemble - Best Albums of 2022
Sam Gendel - 'blueblue'
Charles Stepney - 'Step on Step'
Tony Price - 'IBM Contra' & 'Mark VI'
African American Sound Recording - 'Tamika's Lodge'
Sir Edward - 'The Power of Feeling'
Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - 'The Elephant Man's Bones'
Carl Didur - 'Maybe Next Time'
Norma Tanega - 'I'm The Sky'
Ryo Kawasaki - 'Juice'
Denny Zeitlin - 'The Name Of This Terrain'
The God Fahim - '6 Ring Champ'
Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter - 'Fly Me To The Moon'
William S. Fischer - 'Circles'
Jane Inc. - 'Faster Than I Can Take'
Pusha T - 'It's Almost Dry'
Marker Starling - 'Diamond Violence'

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