Band of Bastards is a new Austin hardcore band made up of four veteran musicians: vocalist Jason Reece (…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead), guitarist Andrew Leeper (Markov), assist Erick Sanger (ex-Sparta), and drummer Sam Rich. Their debut album DELETE. REPEAT comes out July 23 via Redacted Records/SilverDoor Music (pre-order), and we're premiering lead single/opening track "Ruined."

"'Ruined' is the first song on the album and it’s no holds barred," says Andrew Leeper. "Kind of like kicking in a door, it’s meant to leave a mark. At times it even teeters on spinning out of control. It’s the sonic equivalent of speed wobbles."

It's a 96-second ripper in the spirit of classic early '80s hardcore. It's a sound that never goes out of style, and Band of Bastards know exactly how to pull it off. Listen and watch the video (filmed by Andrew and Sam) below.

Band of Bastards

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