Pitchfork says,

Ben Bridwell is a nice dude, but like all of us, he's prone to a bad mood every now and then. Attendees at Band of Horses' July 6 show at Canes Bar & Grill in San Diego were privy to one of those moods, as Bridwell, after experiencing some frustration with the performance, proceeded to flip the bird to a woman named Rosemary who was filming the band's performance of "The Funeral".

According to various reports, he eventually apologized for the outburst (which reportedly included a rant against YouTube-ing show tapers), but by that time, Rosemary had left the club to later write a livid blog post voicing her disapproval of Bridwell's behavior."

So Pitchfork interviewed Ben, who, among other things, said.....

It seems to keep happening. You see it getting progressively worse. It's almost like the skateboarding community, where everyone's a fucking photographer now. You look at shots, and it's hard to keep the photographers out of the shot, you know? It kind of seems like the same thing with indie rock; everyone's got a fucking camera in their hand and, I don't know, is there no sanctity left for live performance with going to a show and seeing it with your own eyes and remembering it? Do you have to tape every second, or even just your favorite song? I understand it, but it's becoming annoying.

Band of Horses play McCarren Pool Sunday. Decide for yourself if you want to RSVP (and/or bring your video equipment). Band of Horses' new album Cease to Begin is out October 9th on Sub Pop.

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