Since March, Bandcamp has been waiving their cut of sales on the first Friday of every month for 24 hours (midnight to midnight Pacific), to support artists who have been impacted by the pandemic. So far, fans have purchased $75 million worth of music and merch on Bandcamp Fridays, directly benefiting artists and labels. As the pandemic is "far from over," they'll continue to hold the fundraisers through the rest of the year, which means today (9/4) is another one.

Like on previous Bandcamp days, some artists have special releases coming out today, which we've listed below. You can also, of course, buy new releases, or older albums you hadn't gotten around to getting yet.

Here are some of today's special releases...

Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy - Hayley Williams, Matt Berninger, Weyes Blood, Laura Jane Grace, Ben Gibbard, Soccer Mommy, Alex G, and more

A group of amazing artists have come together to create this 40-song compilation, which includes covers, remixes, live versions, unreleased demos, and entirely new tracks. It will only be available for the next 24 hours, and all proceeds going to the voters' rights organization Fair Fight. Purchase it HERE.

Shut It Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives - Minority Threat, Amygdala, Disembodied, Terminal Nation, Sun 0))), Jesus Piece, Cold Shoulder, and more

46 metal, hardcore, punk, and noise bands are coming together to release Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives, a compilation to "[raise] money for black lives and an end to racist policing," and all proceeds will be donated to the Movement for Black Lives. Purchase it HERE.

Ska Against Racism

In 1998, Mike Park (Asian Man Records, The Chinkees, etc) launched the Ska Against Racism Tour, and now 22 years later, Bad Time Records has teamed up with Asian Man Records and Ska Punk Daily to present the new Ska Against Racism benefit compilation, which features 28 "new / rare / unreleased" tracks and benefits The Movement for Black Lives, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Alpha Institute, The Conscious Kid, and Black Girls Code. It features veterans like former Operation Ivy bandmates Tim Armstrong + Jesse Michaels, The Chinkees, Hepcat, Less Than Jake, The Suicide Machines, Big D & the Kids Table, MU330, Mustard Plug, great comparatively newer bands like JER (Skatune Network), Kill Lincoln, The Interrupters, Catbite, Bite Me Bambi, We Are the Union, Omnigone (ex-Link 80), Hey-Smith, The Best of the Worst, and tons of others. You can get the whole thing at Bad Time's Bandcamp.

Ever New ft. Mac DeMarco, Owen Pallett, Lydia Ainsworth, Jessy Lanza, Sarah Davachi, Cindy Lee, Chad VanGaalen, FRIGS, Jennifer Castle & more

Ever New is a a new compilation of new music and covers by Canadian artists, named after the song by Beverly Glenn-Copeland, who is covered twice on this comp (once by The Head, once by Jennifer Castle). "100% of proceeds [go] to Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ2S charities (Black Health Alliance, Indspire, and The 519)." Other covers include Owen Pallett covering Nick Drake, Lydia Ainsworth covering Chic, Cindy Lee covering Jandek, and still much more.

Mark Mulcahy - "C.O.D."

Miracle Legion and Polaris frontman Mark Mulcahy released this charming single on CD back 1999 and he's now made it available digitally for the first time ever for Bandcamp Friday.

Run For Cover Demos & Voice Memos

Several past and current Run For Cover artists -- including Camp Cope, Tigers Jaw, Wicca Phase, Pity Sex, Fury, glass beach, and more -- have contributed demos to this new compilation, available for 24 hours only.

Fucked Up - Live at CBGB's

Fucked Up played CBGB back in 2006 while on tour with Forward, Warhead, and Tragedy -- the year the venue closed for good -- and today they've released a recording of that set on Bandcamp. "We waited patiently as Mind Eraser tore a hole through the fabric of the universe," the band writes, "while Kill your Idols created a brickwall of human bodies; while Forward tantalized and impressed with otherworldly precision; while Warhead left a scorch mark where the stage at CBGBs was; while Tragedy provided their indelible mark on that moment...and somewhere in the evening there was Fucked Up. That's what you're listening to. That's what you get. This is what we were capable of in the flesh in 2006, our 2006. That moment in time with its open doors and new pathways, all its ear piercing hearing loss perfection, all its potential, and it's absurd amount of nacho chips." The band also shouts out the late Riley Gale of Power Trip in their album notes, which you can read in full here.

Sonic Youth - Rarities 2

Sonic Youth continue their archival Bandcamp campaign with Rarities 2, "here consisting mostly but not exclusively of tracks from the 1980s, and mostly found scattered across a series of obscure 7" singles and the like. See individual song notes for the when and the where. Included booklet contains all notes and 2 photos from 1985 by Leslie Fratkin at CBGB." They also recently put Confusion Is Sex on Bandcamp.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Live at Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD - 6​/​8​/​16

Jason Isbell continued his archival live album campaign with a newly-released 2016 show. As always, you can stream one track and you have to purchase the album to hear the rest.

John Cameron Mitchell and Friends - New American Dream

"New American Dream is a lockdown-inspired remotely-organized platonic musical orgy," Hedwig creator John Cameron Mitchell says of his latest project. "The idea started during my self-isolation in a 100 year old stone hut near Palm Springs. I encouraged screen/songwriter Our Lady J to send me an instrumental track over which I wrote the melody/lyrics to 'See You Again' – a tribute to the homeless during the pandemic which we performed for the Stonewall Gives Back Zoom benefit. It went so well that I reached out to a variety of musical friends who sent in their own tracks which I could write to. I even contacted a stranger in the South of France on Instagram, Izae, because I liked his cover of a Hedwig song and we ended up writing two songs on the album. Like the old story about the Stone Soup where strangers throw whatever food item they possessed into a communal pot, old friends and new donated vocals, overdubs, mixing, mastering, video production, art and publicity. Soon I realized we had a double album that could benefit the various charities that I’ve been helping through this dark time with Hedwig merch sales. It’s been such a comfort to us and we hope others will feel it too and add to the pot for the benefit of those in need'." Profits for the album go to Burritos Not Bombs - a Mexico City-based COVID food bank, the Trans, Gender-Variant, Intersex Justice Project and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Scholarship Trust Fund.

Mikey Erg - Demos

Mikey Erg's new collection of demos comes from the recording sessions for 2018's Waxbuilt Castles. As Erg writes on Instagram, these tracks are "the humble beginnings of an album that sold TENS!" The download will also include a PDF of liner notes to accompany the music.

Hop Along, Queen Ansleis - more songs from 2005

Before Hop Along became one of the best indie rock bands of the 2010s and before singer Frances Quinlan launched her solo career under her own name, Frances used the moniker Hop Along, Queen Ansleis and released her first album freshman year way back in 2006. That album finally hit streaming services today, and in conjunction with the release, Francess has put up an EP called more songs from 2005 -- featuring three previously unreleased Hop Along, Queen Ansleis songs -- as a Bandcamp exclusive. Proceeds benefit Philly non-profit D.O.P.E. (Doing Our Part Eclectically), which helps "strengthen local communities through social, economic, education/health services, leadership development and advocacy."

Hot Snakes - "Not In Time"

Hot Snakes just released a new video for "hard-to-find" song "Not in Time," which was previously only available as the b-side to a UK tour-only 7". It's available for download, "pay-whatcha-will," for one day only. "Enjoy...or don't...who am I to tell you what to do," Hot Snakes write.

Insides - "Ghost Music"

UK duo Insides, whose 1993 debut, Euphoria, was released on 4AD's Guernica imprint, have just announced their first album in 20 years and they're offering up the first single for Bandcamp Friday with pre-orders of the album.

William Tyler - New Vanitas

Guitarist and composer William Tyler has a new EP out for Bandcamp Friday, his second release of 2020 so far. About it, he writes:

This year has been an ongoing series of mental health highs and lows while just as an individual I try to reckon on a daily basis with the transformation, pain, growing awareness, and, hopefully, growing empathy we are experiencing. Everyone has encountered loss this year—many have suffered a great deal of loss—but no one who is at least conscious is immune to this time of change. And thus, as a psychiatrist friend put it, we must bear witness. Part of that bearing witness for me on a personal level has been trying to step away from my familiar sense of self—both the parts I might feel good about and definitely the parts I abhor or want to change. I came back to Nashville during the shutdown in March to be close to my parents. And in that space of isolation, I have been trying to get back to some of the sonic building blocks that made me want to start making music in the first place. Listening to a lot of old cassettes, slightly warped records, nature recordings, southern Protestant hymns of childhood, homemade music—sounds that sort of inhabit a kind of “smallness” and intimacy. Sounds that do, in fact, decay—the beautiful saturated analog reality that is alive around us. I spend a lot of evenings listening to AM radio as the static starts to give way to a swirl of radio stations from near and far. The sun retreats, the crickets and cicadas crescendo.

Boris - the thing which solomon overlooked series

Heavy music icons Boris follow their August series of archival releases with a second, the thing which solomon overlooked. Part 1 was originally released in 2004, part 2 in 2006, part 3 in 2006, and fourth album of "extras" from the series. Stream the extras below and pick up all four parts at Bandcamp.

Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsal - Master of Rehearsal yellow vinyl 7"

Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsal, the all-star and seriously good Sabbath tribute act that features Deradoorian, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Mick Barr (Krallice), Brad Truax (Interpol), and Greg Fox (Liturgy, Uniform, Ex Eye), released their debut 7" recently with their ripping versions of Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" and "Fairies Wear Boots" and they've now got an exclusive yellow vinyl pressing of the single just for today.

Edsel - Strange Loop 

Edsel, the '80s/'90s-era DC band featuring Sohrab Habibion (Obits, SAVAK) have a newly remastered version of their 1992 debut album, Strange Loop. They write: "We were a trio when we went into the studio, with Nick Pellicciotto on drums and Steve Ward on bass, but our pal Eli Janney, who we were recording with, joined the group over the course of the sessions, adding his sampler and backing vocals along the way. Strange Loop was made between summer '90 and spring '91 and released in '92 on Baltimore's Merkin Records, but the influences that come through most prominently are mid-80s UK post-punk like Killing Joke, The Comsat Angels, and Echo & the Bunnymen. There's also some Mute (He Said, The Ideal Copy/Bell Is A Cup-era Wire), 4AD (Ultra Vived Scene, Wolfgang Press) and Wax Trax! Records stuff bubbling through. We didn't sound like this before or after, so it's a curious little time capsule, and if you like the dark new wave, well, this album just might have a riff or two for you . . ."

Sad13 - Haunted Hazelnut Spread, Polter-Guys Pizza Tote Bag, more

Sad13 has a variety of unique merch items for sale today, including a vegan "haunted hazelnut" spread from Lagusta's Luscious, "Haunted Breakfast" black tea from Craft Tea, a Polter-Guys Pizza tote bag (as seen in the video for "Hysterial"), and more. Buy them HERE.


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