Penthouse (I read it for the articles!) has been on my radar a lot lately thanks to their employment of White Lung frontwoman and journalist Mish Barber-Way who is their executive editor. Her social media accounts regularly offer a behind the scenes look into photoshoots and more. She and Penthouse recently got a lot of attention for their Stormy Daniels cover story, and The Ringer did a nice article, as Mish pointed out on Twitter:

Meanwhile, the NY Post is reporting that Mish has some new bosses: "The owner of Bang Bros won the auction for Penthouse on June 4, agreeing to pay $11.2 million for the publishing, broadcasting, digital and licensing rights."

The Bang Bros bros apparently beat Pornhub, Larry Flynt’s Hustler, and the company that recently bought High Times, who also wanted Penthouse as part of their portfolio.

Online porn empire Bang Bros operate over 43 sites, and are owned by WGCZ Ltd S.R.O. (whatever that is), who also own Xvideos.

It's a new world, but long live Penthouse!

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