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Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) @ Tonic
Owen Pallett

This year's Bang on a Can Marathon (co-presented by the River to River Festival and arts>World Financial Center) will be taking place at the World Financial Center Winter Garden in New York City from 6pm on May 31st through 6am on June 1st. As always, the Marathon is FREE and open to the public!

The full schedule is below....

Dan Deacon @ The Whitney (more by Leia Jospe)
Dan Deacon

This year's Marathon will take place at the World Financial Center Winter Garden from 6pm on Saturday May 31st through 6am on Sunday June 1st. Here is a schedule of composers and performers:


Alarm Will Sound performing Son of Chamber Symphony (3rd Movement) by John Adams

Pamela Z performing Chalky Crystal Liquid Cave by Pamela Z

Alarm Will Sound performing Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Petpetuum by Harrison Birtwistle

Lisa Moore performing Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers^^ by Annie Gosfield

Crash Ensemble performing Gra agus Bas by Donnacha Dennehy


Crash Ensemble performing Loops for Ancient Giant Nude Hairy Warriors Racing Down the Slopes of Battle (3rd Movement)^^ by Terry Riley

Karsh Kale and Raj Maddela performing Timeline by Karsh Kale

Ensemble Nikel peforming Sahaf^^ by Chaya Czernowin

Caleb Burhans performing _no_ by Caleb Burhans

Hartt Bass Band performing Strong Hold^ by Julia Wolfe

Young People's Chorus of New York performing Every Stop on the F Train by Michael Gordon (with film by Bill Morrison)


Bang on a Can All-Stars performing music from Shadowbang by Evan Ziporyn

Bang on a Can All-Stars performing Convex-Concave-Concord^ by Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Owen Pallett performing works by Owen Pallett

Bang on a Can All-Stars and Owen Pallett performing Twelve Polearms^ by Owen Pallett

Bang on a Can All Stars performing Glamour Girl by Lukas Ligeti

Bora Yoon performing ( ((PHONATION)) ) by Bora Yoon (with live visuals by R. Luke DuBois)


SIGNAL performing Daniel Variations by Steve Reich

Crash Ensemble performing Resonant Relations by Arnold Dreyblatt

Alarm Will Sound performing Revolution #9 (arr. Matt Marks) by The Beatles


So Percussion performing the so called laws of nature by David Lang

Marnie Stern performing works by Marnie Stern

Ensemble Nikel performing Riba^^ by Sivan Cohen Elias

Ensemble Nikel performing Nikel^^ by Ruben Seroussi


Dan Deacon, Kevin Omeara and Jeremy Hyman performing Ultimate Reality Part 3 by Dan Deacon (with visuals by Jimmy Joe Roche)

Contact performing Discreet Music (arr. Jenny Pergolesi) by Brian Eno (with film by Suzanne Bocanegra)

Toby Twining Music performing Stimmung by Karlheinz Stockhausen (click here to read the text to this piece)

^ = World Premieres
^^ = US Premieres

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