Vancouver metallic hardcore crushers Baptists released their debut album Bushcraft in 2013 and quickly followed it with Bloodmines in 2014 (which Converge's Kurt Ballou, who recorded it, called one of his favorites of that year), but they've been pretty quiet since then (though drummer Nick Yacyshyn has been busy in Sumac). Now they're finally ready to release their third album, Beacon Of Faith, which drops May 25 via Southern Lord. It was once again recorded by Kurt Ballou, and lead single "Capsule" is the kind of hardcore/metal hybrid that will instantly appeal to Converge fans. Listen and check out the tracklist below.

1. Worse Than Hate
2. Absolved Of Life/Spent Cells
3. Beacon Of Faith
4. Gift Taker
5. Capsule
6. Outbreeding
7. Vicarious Trauma
8. Victim Services
9. Indigo Child
10. Eulogy Template
11. Bevel Down
12. Carbide
13. Nostrovia

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