BardSpec is a new project from founding Enslaved guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and Today is the Day frontman Steve Austin. Their debut album Hydrogen comes out June 23 via By Norse Music (pre-order US physical, EU physical, or digital). With members of very heavy bands Enslaved and TITD, you might expect BardSpec to follow a similar path but they do just the opposite. Hydrogen has hints of Brian Eno's ambient compositions, and Ivar says the new song "Gamma" pays a little tribute to Sigur Ros as well. (He also calls it "one of the heavier songs," which just goes to show you how not heavy this album is.) That song premieres in this post with an accompanying visual. Here's more of what Ivar has to say about it:

“Gamma” is a meditation on the magic of science, or perhaps the science of magic. The mysteries of the atom and nuclear physics have fascinated me deeply as long as I can remember. Enlightened humans have known for thousands of years that the concept of “god” dwells within the corporal being, and with the atom bomb the proof was definite (to me at least). As scientist in charge Oppenheimer said, watching the first test atom bomb go off: “I have become Shiva; Destroyer of Worlds”. The other aspect of radiation is its communicative powers; of carrying information over enormous distances. We learn things about the universe and its early days from watching bursts of Gamma Ray make its way through the universe.

BardSpec have a release show for the album in NYC on June 29 at Saint Vitus with likeminded artist IIVII, the dark-ambient project of Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex-Neurosis, etc). Since we last spoke, Gnaw were added as well. Tickets are still available.


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