Joy Division

Nothing says punk like two-hundred-plus dollar luxury t-shirts, right? If you answered "yes," you'll be happy to learn that Barney's is selling a Black Flag t-shirt for $265! It looks pretty much like all those other Black Flag shirts you see people wearing all the time, it just costs two hundred forty five more dollars! And that's not all. You can also get that Joy Division shirt with the Unknown Pleasures artwork that definitely is hard to come by, for $225.

For a mere $175, there's Black Sabbath, The Cure, Run DMC, Motorhead, The Grateful Dead (twice), The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Guns N' Roses (twice), Metallica, The Doors, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd. For the rare cheap price of $98, there's Van Halen.

This is of course not the first time we've seen pricey stores selling pricey designer concert t-shirts, but it never ceases to amaze.

AND, these are all really a bargain if you compare them to the $560 "army-skull" Givenchy t-shirt that reminds us of many a metal band design. S.O.D. maybe?

But even that is a bargain when you realize there is a Vetements Snoop Dogg t-shirt that will cost you over... $900! Gotta get those Vetements (especially the black metal kind).

(thanks Damon)

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