Tonight (9/10) at 8 PM Eastern, Baroness are performing their 2019 album Gold & Grey in its entirety on a livestream from Long Island City’s Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery. Tickets are on sale now, and they'll allow you to view it through 11:59 PM ET on Sunday (9/13). There will also be limited edition merch available to ticketholders.

"The process of recreating the soundscape of Gold & Grey for a live setting has been fun and inspiring to us as we forward to new musical territories," says guitarist Gina Gleason. "We’re excited to share this experience with everyone!"

Ahead of tonight's performance -- which will be Baroness' first full set of 2020 -- we caught up with the band and asked them about the music they've been listening to during these quarantined, tour-less times. "We’ve all been using our unexpected time at home diving into music," they tell us, collectively. "Whether it is the well-loved tunes we listen to every day, tunes we hadn’t discovered yet, or old friends we haven’t visited in a long time, we wanted to share with you some of the tunes that have gotten us through the last few months and what we’ve been jamming as we get ready for our Gold & Grey live stream. We hope you dig these tunes as much as we do!"

Frontman John Baizley's list includes a song off his former Baroness bandmate Pete Adams' band Valkyrie's new album, drummer Seb Thomson included one by Power Trip (whose frontman Riley Gale sadly, shockingly passed away at age 34 in August), and the members' lists also include songs by Perfume Genius, Tame Impala, Meshuggah, Bad Brains, Aphex Twin, Slayer, Colter Wall, ZZ Top, and more. See each member's list here:

Gina Gleason (guitar, backing vocals)
“Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” - ZZ Top
“Shooter McGavin” - Burnt by the Sun
“Killing Machine” - The Partisans
“Queen” - Perfume Genius

Nick Jost (bass, keyboards)
“Do Not Look Down” - Meshuggah
“Borderline” - Tame Impala
“Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” - Ryuichi Sakamoto
“The Witch Queen of New Orleans” - Redbone

Seb Thomson (drums)
"Soul Craft" - Bad Brains
"Line Five" - Bruno Forlan
"Hatred" - Manowar
"Soul Sacrifice" - Power Trip

John Baizley (lead vocals, guitar, etc)
"#3" - Aphex Twin
"The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie" - Colter Wall
"South of Heaven" - Slayer
"Evil Eye" - Valkyrie


Invisible Oranges also spoke to John Baizley about the livestream. Here's an excerpt:

We've recorded it. I feel like it's sort of weird, like what it's like going on right now. But you know, I think we're in a pretty weird situation right now in that we, Baroness, are in a situation where we've decided to enter the live streaming music sphere. That's something that we never, ever, thought about doing. It's like, you never know. Up until recently, it was never anything that we ever thought about or really reckoned with. We had, from the moment that we decided we'd do the live thing, which was just about just about a month ago, basically spent the entire past month just dealing with logistics. One of those is the fact that I guess some people are truly live streaming it, meaning like at the moment. What happens if there's an error, you know, if you're doing a ticketed event? I don't know what everybody else’s infrastructure is. But I know that for Baroness, we decided to do this, for a variety of reasons, out of necessity.

Amongst those reasons, we decided to do this with the bare minimum crew. By the minimum, I mean it's the band and our sound guy. We set up everything and the whole production was installed and operated by the band. It's a crazy thing. And because we didn't know how this sort of thing works and all that, yeah, it seems like a responsible choice on our behalf, given that we had a week to prepare for it.Also there was traveling and trying to figure out how to get people tested and yada, yada, yada. That was a total nightmare. Well, we filmed it slightly in advance in case that there was a malfunction or something terrible happened. We are extremely lucky, because we had a number of terrible things happen all at once. We had, like all of our shit blow up on us. And that's without the typical infrastructure of technicians or venue staff, employees or engineers or, you know, whoever it is.

Read more here.

Earlier in the pandemic, Baroness released a socially distant performance video of "Tourniquet" from Gold & Grey, and you can watch that below.

Gina Gleason also recently launched a new band, Darling, fronted by Windhand's Dorthia Cotrell.


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