Norway's Barren Womb are following 2015's Nique Everything with new album Old Money / New Lows on February 16 via Spartan Records (pre-order). After releasing lead single "Crook Look," they're back with another track from the album, "Drive-Thru Liquor Store," which premieres in this post. It's powered by a Headbanger's Ball-ready riff and some desperate screams, and it's a true ripper. If you haven't checked out Barren Womb yet but you're into Refused or newer bands like Turnstile and METZ, you should give this a spin.

Talking about the new song, vocalist/drummer Timo Silvola tells us, "Do you ever get the feeling of being trapped? Doing the same shitty routine. Working a bullshit job and drowning your misery in the occasional weekend blowout? This song is about that. The last one we wrote for the album. Take your job and shove it!" Listen below.