Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Barrie Lindsay has announced her sophomore album as Barrie, Barbara, due out March 25 via Winspear. "Barbara isn’t an album specifically about grief or love," Lindsay writes. "It’s just an album where I let myself actually feel my emotions." Her statement about the album reads:

I've been taking some quieter time for myself for a while, so I'm sending an update on what I've been up to: I spent the last few years working on a new album. I started in the fall of 2019, when I went home to MA to spend time with my family. My dad had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer, and while I was on tour he took a turn. I decided to take a break from touring, and went and stayed in a friend's empty cottage in my hometown to be near my parents. I brought all my instruments and recording gear, and spent my time working on music slowly, going on walks, and seeing old friends and family.

After a couple months, my girlfriend, Gabby, joined me, and we lived in MA and Maine for over a year, working on music together and working through the death of my dad. We got married and came back to New York with a finished album. It centers around themes of love and grief, isolation and joy. I wrote, played, engineered, and produced it myself, with a lot of input from Gabby. I'm really proud of it.

The tracklist, which you can see below, includes the new singles, "Frankie" and "Dig," that Barrie have shared over the past few months, as well as dreamy, synthy new track "Quarry." Watch the accompanying video, directed by Robert Kolodny, below.

Barrie - Barbara

1. "Jersey”
2. “Frankie”
3. “Jenny”
4. “Concrete”
5. “Dig”
6. “Bully”
7. “Harp 2 Interlude”
8. “Harp 2”
9. “Quarry”
10. “Basketball”
11. “Bloodline”

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