by Andrew Sacher


How do you pronounce the title of your third album, and how did you come up with it?

Williams: Ladi-dadi.

Stanier: Like the Slick Rick song.

Williams: The one idea behind it was that it's an instrumental record, so what words describe instrumental music? Using "la la la" -- like generic voicings for singing -- using this to describe instrumental music. It's sort of a playful, whimsical thing that takes pressure off of us by saying, "We're not overwhelming you with heaviness or anything." [Rolling Stone]

After an album with former vocalist Tyondai Braxton, and then an album with guest vocalists, Battles are going completely instrumental for album number three, La Di Da Di, due September 18 via Warp. The first single from the album is "The Yabba," a seven-minute song that's mathy, eccentric, and unmistakably the work of Battles. Rolling Stone premiered it, along with an interview that's quoted above. Head over their way to listen.

The band's tour hits NYC on August 20 at Saint Vitus (sold out) and October 20 at Webster Hall (tickets).

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