Bay Area hardcore band Spy have been rapidly rising since forming in 2020. They've released two EPs (2020's Service Weapon and 2021's Habitual Offender) and a split with Maniac, and they've built up a reputation as an intense live band, and now they've announced their first full-length, Satisfaction, due June 2 via Triple B Records. It's got 10 songs, and the first taste is the grimy, gnarly, under-two-minute hardcore of "Big Man." Check it out below.

We've got an exclusive transparent green & neon violet moon phase vinyl variant of Satisfaction, limited to just 250 copies. Pre-order yours while they last. Here's a mock-up:

Spy vinyl

Stream the new track:

1. No Redeeming Value
2. Surveilled
3. Carceral Attitude
4. Koniec
5. Do What I Can
6. Pay No Mind
7. Not For Me
8. Wrong Place Wrong Time
9. Big Man
10. Hidden In Plain Sight

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