Bay Area post-hardcore band Down Again will follow their 2020 debut album The Devil is a Gentlemen with a new EP, Bury The Bones, on September 3 via self-release. The first single is "Predisposed," which picks up right where The Devil is a Gentlemen left off, and which puts a refreshing spin on mid 2000s post-hardcore, with everything from catchy emo-pop hooks to bone-crushing metalcore breakdowns. The band spoke to IDIOTEQ about their goals for the EP, their influences, and more:

Our goal for this EP was for it to sound like a complete work and be able to stand on its own, so it has all the same ups and downs a full length album would have. It’s very dynamic so you are going to hear a lot of those different influences coming through from song to song.

[...] Our biggest influences are definitely Brand New and Underoath. Both of those bands really shaped us as we were growing up and we like to think we walk the line between being an emo band and a post-hardcore band by bringing the best of both worlds together. But our range of influence is incredibly broad so there is a lot we pick up from everyone between Taylor Swift all the way to deathcore.

Read more here and stream the new song below.


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