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Tragedy fan at Europa (more by Konstantin Sergeyev)

No rest for the wicked. After a grueling weekend of heavy music at Maryland Deathfest (pictures of day 1 HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE, and day four HERE), I am looking forward to a mix of punk, hardcore, metal, crust, d-beat, and indie at Chaos in Tejas in Austin this week! Kicking off on Thursday (June 2nd) the four day festival features appearances from tons notables, day shows, after parties, and in-stores, some for free. Swing down for a blow by blow breakdown of what you should look for every day at the multi-venue music fest.



Thursday, June 2

Ah the start of the festival.... fresh legs and feet, and a hunger for tons of good bands. Thursday will sate your hunger too, as there are tons of great hardcore/metal shows to choose from. Shows tonight happen on both stages at Emo's, both stages at Red 7, at the Mohawk, Beauty Bar, Beerland and the Broken Neck.

Despite the high profile cancellation of Killing Joke at Emo's outdoor, CIT bounced back and added Cro-Mags to an already awesome lineup of rare appearances from strong>Asta Kask (Swedish d-beat), D-Clone (a rare show from these Japanese hardcore monsters), Veins (featuring Mark McCoy from Charles Bronson/Das Oath as well as Ian from Copremesis/Castevet), Double Negative (North Carolinian hardcore greats who released the awesome Daydreamnation last year), Vile Gash (brutal hardcore on Youth Attack), Japan'sThe Slowmotions, and NYC's Cult of Youth (dark folk with a great new LP on Sacred Bones) and Crazy Spirit (excellent hardcore with members of Perdition).

Thankfully, I can use my wristband from Emo's to hit up Red 7, right around the corner, where an awesome metal show will clash with an awesome garage show on the two stages. Finnish doomers Hooded Menace will headline on stage with Denmark's Undergang, crusty death metallers Acephalix (mems of the amazing Vastum), more death metal from Bone Sickness, and local death and rollers Mammoth Grinder. Meanwhile, the second stage will feature The Spits, the Arrivals, Shellshag, TV Ghost, and others. All of this means that I'll probably miss Converge/Title Fight/Touche Amore/Trap Them/Burning Love/the Menzingers at Mohawk and How I Quit Crack/The Indicator Dogs at Beauty Bar. At least I can end the night right with Tragedy and Origin of M at Broken Neck as part of an after-party. Yikes!

the rest of Thursday's schedule and what to do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, below...

Cro-Mags @ Terminal 5 in 2010 (more by Meghan McInnis)


Emo's (outside)- $30 (for both inside & out) buy
Asta Kask (Sweden)-11:20-12:05
the Slowmotions (Japan)-10:00-10:30
Cult of Youth-8:05-8:35

Emo's (inside) buy
D-Clone (Japan)-12:15-12:50
Double Negative-10:40-11:10
Vile Gash-8:45-9:10
Crazy Spirit-7:25-7:55

Red 7 (outside) - $15 buy
the Spits-12:40-1:25
the Arrivals-11:55-12:25
TV Ghost-10:25-10:55
High Tension Wires-9:40-10:10
OBN III's-8:55-9:25

Red 7 (inside) - $15 buy Yes, buy the ticket from Emo's and use it at Red7!
Hooded Menace (Finland)-11:45-12:30
Undergang (Denmark)-11:00-11:30
Bone Sickness-9:30-10:00
Mammoth Grinder-8:45-9:15

Mohawk - $15 buy
Title Fight-9:15-9:45
Touche Amore-8:30-9:00
Trap Them-7:45-8:15
Burning Love-12:45-1:15
the Menzingers-12:00-12:30
Dead End Path-11:15-11:45

Beerland - $6 buy
White Lung-12:45-1:15
Nu Sensae-12:00-12:30
Lotus Fucker-11:20-11:45
the Creamers-10:35-11:05

the Beauty Bar - FREE
The Indicator Dogs-12:00
How I Quit Crack-11:00

After Party
the Broken Neck
Origin of [M]

Omegas at 538 Johnson (more by Keith Marlowe)

Friday, June 3

The first daytime show during Chaos in Tejas is tons of crusty d-beat fun, as Japan's Isterismo will team with Perdition, Drapetomania, See You In Hell, Nukkehammer, and Mauser at Beerland.

If there was any question as to where I'd be headed for the the night on Friday, let me clear that straight away.... Autopsy! After kicking myself for years for missing them at Maryland Deathfest, all is right in the world when the legendary death-metallers will team up with an unmissable lineup at Emo's of the reactivated hardcore crew Citizens Arrest, Australian fastcore team Extortion, Justin of Mind Eraser's death metal onslaught known as Innumerable Forms, and the blasting and always amazing power-violencers Iron Lung at Emo's outside. Indoors will feature a contrasting bill with indie rock from Lower Dens, Allo Darlin, Milk Music, and others to keep the venue from sliding into an unholy abyss.

Both Red 7 and Mohawk also have stellar lineups as well. Mohawk will feature appearances from the reactivated hardcore band Unbroken in their last Austin show, the always energetic hardcore of Ceremony, the reactivated hardcore of Universal Order of Armageddon, and recent Canadian hardcore favorites Omegas (who have a great new LP). Meanwhile, Red 7 is decidedly more punk, featuring appearances from the reunited and awesome FYP, the great The Marked Men, Textbook Committee, and a booty-bouncin' from Big Freedia, Katy Red, and the great Cult of Youth.

Of course you could just skip all of that and head to see the electronic thump of Syrian musician Omar Souleyman with the psychedelic Indian Jewelry at Antone's, or head to Scoot Inn to see Kylesa with Orange Goblin, The Roller, and The Gates of Slumber another killer choice for all of you doom fans. Late night options include a show at Broken Neck with the awesome Double Negative!


Day shows
Beerland (3pm) - $13 buy
special guest-8:00-9:00
Isterismo (Japan)-7:15-7:45
See You in Hell (Czech)-5:05-5:30

Night shows

Emo's (outside)- $35 buy
Citizens Arrest-11:40-12:15
Extortion (Australia)-10:55-11:25
Innumerable Forms-10:15-10:40
Iron Lung-9:30-10:00
Hatred Surge-8:00-8:30

Emo's (inside)- $10 buy
Lower Dens-1:05-1:45
Allo' Darlin-12:00-12:50
Milk Music-11:15-11:45
the Young-10:30-11:00
Unholy Two-9:45-10:15

Red 7 (outside) - $12 buy
Textbook Committee-12:30-1:45
the Marked Men-11:30-12:15
This is My Fist-10:00-10:30
the Shitty Limits (England)-9:15-9:45
Chinese Telephones-8:30-9:00
Secret Prostitutes-7:45-8:15

Red 7 (inside) - $12 buy
Big Freedia-1:00-1:45
Katey Red-12:15-1:00
Cult of Youth-11:15-12:00

Mohawk - $15 buy (outside)
Free Spirit-9:30-10:00
Power Trip-8:45-9:15
Universal Order of Armageddon-12:45-1:30

Antones - $15 buy
Omar Souleyman (Syria)-11:00-12:15
Indian Jewelry-10:00-10:45
Yellow Fever-9:00-9:45
Fingaar Bangaar-8:15-8:45

the Scoot Inn (doors 3pm) - $15 buy
Switchblade Jesus - 4pm
Rust - 4:45pm
Sanctus Bellum - 5:45pm
Naam - 6:45pm
Gates of Slumber -7:45pm
Orange Goblin - 8:45pm
Kylesa - 9:45pm
Rise Thy Ruin - 11pm (inside)
The Roller - 12am (Inside)

After Party
the Broken Neck
special guests
Double Negative

Doom at Europa (more by Keith Marlowe)

Saturday, June 4

Saturday day has THREE amazing shows to choose from! If you dont already have tickets to see crusty hardcore gods Tragedy at Emo's that afternoon with Mind Eraser & Omegas (holy shit, great lineup), then a similarly killer hardcore show lies in wait with Vile Gash, Veins, Raw Nerve & Hoax. For fans that lean punk, you can check out an awesome show at Beerland with the Marked Men, Night Birds, Shitty Limits, and Deskonocidos.

Saturday night is where it gets tricky... though Emo's is STACKED with great appearances. Anchored by a headlining set from reunited UK crusties Doom, the show also features the first and last ever US show from Japanese hardcore band Kriegshog, Finnish d-beat from Feral Ward badasses Kietolaki, Swedish death metal from Miasmal, grind from Shitstorm (mems Kylesa/Capsule), the last ever show from Iron Age, Spazm 151 and others; Emo's looks amazing. That said, I will not be missing the return of NYC hardcore legends Youth of Today at Mohawk.... so double duty is calling.

Emo's means skipping fun punk from Guitar Wolf/Off with their Heads and others at Red 7 while Crystal Antlers/Ringo Deathstarr plays the second stage. Meanwhile Beerland will host the Beets with Eternal Summers, Rayon Beach, and the Vomettes. For those of you who want to keep the floorpunching train rolling after Youth of Today, head on down to Beauty Bar to catch Ceremony with Dillinger Escape Plan.

The afterparty with Veins, Vile Gash and Milk Music sounds like a winner too!


Day shows

End of an Ear (3pm)-in-store (FREE)
Milk Music
Unholy Two
Air Traffic Controllers

Trailer Space (3pm)-in-store (FREE)
Lazy Dogs (ex Annihilation Time)
Ratface (ex Annihilation Time)
Women in Prison

the 29th Street Ballroom (2pm) (FREE)
Vile Gash
Raw Nerve

Beerland (3pm)-$10 buy
the Marked Men-6:00-6:45
Night Birds-5:15-5:45
Shitty Limits-4:30-5:00

Emo's (2pm)-$10 SOLD OUT!
Mind Eraser-4:15-4:45

Night shows

Emo's (outside)- $25 buy
Doom (England) -1:00-1:45
Kriegshog (Japan)-12:15-12:45
Kieltolaki (Finland)-11:30-12:00
Isterismo (Japan)-10:45-11:15
Origin of M (japan)-9:45-10:15
Spazm 151-9:00-9:30
Mata Mata-8:15-8:45

Emo's (inside)- $12 buy
Miasmal (Sweden)-12:45-1:15
Iron Age-12:00-12:30
the Impalers-9:00-9:30

Red 7 (outside) - $12 buy
Guitar Wolf-12:45-1:30
Off with their Heads-12:00-12:30
Underground Railroad to Candyland-11:15-11:45
the Mind Spiders-10:30-11:00
Cheap Time-9:45-10:15
the Hex Dispensers-9:00-9:30

Red 7 (inside) - FREE
Crystal Antlers-12:15-12:45
Ringo Deathstarr-11:00-11:30

Mohawk - $18 buy (outside)
Youth Of Today-10:00-11:00
Rival Mob-8:30-9:00
Urban Blight-7:45-8:15
Raw Nerve-7:00-7:30

Beerland - $8 buy
the Beets-1:00-1:45
Eternal Summers-12:15-12:45
Rayon Beach-11:30-12:00
the Vomettes-10:45-11:15

Antones - $12 buy
Oneohtrix Point Never-11:00-11:45
Pure X-10:15-10:45

the Beauty Bar - $10 buy
Dillinger Escape Plan-12:45am

After Party
the Broken Neck
Vile Gash
Milk Music

Capitalist Casualties at Europa (more by Keith Marlowe)
Capitalist Casualties

Sunday, June 5

Sunday day keeps it easy, as Beerland is near Red 7, which is free. Beerland will feature an awesome crusty hardcore show with D-Clone, Kieltolaki, Origin of M, and Crazy Spirit, while grinders Phobia will play Red 7 with Kegcharge, Teargas, and many others. An intense day in the hot Texas sun!

Much like Saturday night, Emo's and Red 7 have my winners for the final night at Chaos in Tejas, as Dolorvotre, Ashdautas, and Volahn will blacken up Red 7 while big-time metal faves Baroness will team with fastcore & hardcore by joining up with the awesome Capitalist Casualties, Teargas, and Perdition. Punks will have to make similarly hard decisions, as Dillinger Four, Fucked Up, the Slowmotions, Toys That Kill, Night Birds, and Tenement will play Mohawk directly against a fun punk show at Beerland down the street with Career Suicide, Urban Blight, Nomos, and more. Damnit! Nothing is every easy.


Day shows

Trailer Space (2pm)-in-store (FREE)
This is My Fist
Ghost Knife
Chinese Telephones

Beerland (3pm) - $10 buy
Origin of [M]-5:15-5:45
Kieltolaki (Finland)-4:30-5:00
Crazy Spirit-3:45-4:15

Red 7 - FREE! (inside)
Red River-2:50pm-3:15pm
Deadly Reign-1:40pm-2:10pm

Red 7 - FREE! (outside)
Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan-5:00pm-5:30pm
Lotus Fucker-3:20pm-3:40pm
Hot Rails to Hell-2:10pm-2:45pm
Death Crisis-12:15pm-12:40pm

Night shows
Emo's (outside)- $20 buy
Capitalist Casualties-12:00-12:30
Teargas (Australia)-11:15-11:45

Mohawk - $15 buy
Dillinger Four-9:30-10:30
Fucked Up-8:15-9:15
the Slowmotions-7:30-8:00
Toys that Kill-6:45-7:15
Night Birds-6:00-6:30

Mohawk - $5 buy
Crystal Antlers-12:25-1:05
the Donkeys-11:30-12:10
Broken Gold-10:45-11:15

Red 7 - $10 buy
Blue Hummingbird on the Left-10:00-10:30
Kuxan Suum-8:30-9:00

Beerland (8pm) - $8 buy
Career Suicide-1:15-1:45
Urban Blight-12:30-1:00
No Statik-11:45-12:15
Naw Dude-9:30-10:00

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