Last year, a bunch of hardcore veterans teamed up to form the new band Be Well, who released a killer two-song 7" on Equal Vision. Now, the band -- who are fronted by Brian McTernan (who used to front Battery and has produced classic records by Converge, Hot Water Music, Thrice, Circa Survive, The Movielife, Piebald, and many others) and also feature Fairweather members Peter Tsouras (guitar) and Shane Johnson (drums), Darkest Hour's Mike Schleibaum (guitar), and Bane/Converge's Aaron Dalbec (bass) -- have announced their debut album.

It's called The Weight and The Cost and it comes out August 21 via Equal Vision (and via End Hits in EU/UK) (pre-order). The album features both songs from last year's 7" ("Strength For Breath" and "Frozen") as well as the just-released "Confessional," which closes the album. It's a personal song that's described as "an emotional ode to McTernan’s hopes for his daughter's future as he works on pulling his own life together," and it's another very promising taste of this album. "I hope that you never feel as lost as I do today," Brian belts on the chorus, and you can feel the honesty and the vulnerability in his voice.

"Brian is one of the most private people I know and it’s crazy to see how much of himself he revealed on this record," Mike Schleibaum said.

Musically, "Confessional" covers a lot of ground. It starts out as punchy melodic hardcore, erupts into a soaring pop-friendly chorus, and ends with a dark, crushing, post-hardcore coda. Be Well fuse it all together expertly, which -- given their collective résumés -- should come as no surprise. The song comes with a Dan Elswick-diercted video that splices together footage of the band performing in a warehouse with clips of fathers with their children and various men and women holding signs with handwritten admissions of depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles. The video is as powerful as the song itself -- check it out below.

Brian also recently made us a playlist of music he'd been listening to in quarantine, and guitarist Peter Tsouras recently spoke to us about his favorite classic Equal Vision album, Shelter's No Compromise, as part of one of two features we ran in celebration of Equal Vision's 30th anniversary.

Brian also remains active as a producer and he helmed Strike Anywhere's first EP in 11 years, Nightmares of the West, which comes out in July. For more on that, check out our recent interview with Strike Anywhere's Thomas Barnett.

Also check out the lyric video for "Strength for Breath" and a guitar playthrough video for "Frozen":

Be Well The Weight and The Cost

Meaningless Measures
Strength For Breath
Tiny Little Pieces
Morning Light
The Weight And The Cost
Each Passing Day

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