The Growlers' Beach Goth fest, which The Observatory's parent company Noise Group is claiming is their fest, had many problems and pissed off attendees this year. Add to their list of problems a fight between the band associated with the fest and the promoter who claims it was all their idea and execution. OC Weekly reports:

Last Monday, the venue’s parent company Noise Group sued the Growlers alleging that it created the festival and owns the rights to its name and merchandising, despite putting the Growlers name all over promotional materials as presenters the last few years (originally they listed Burger Records as the presenter). The venue filed the suit in Santa Ana Federal Court right before Election Day, while the rest of us were too busy worrying about whether or not we’d be electing a fascist, life-size Cheeto as our president. The suit names the group, as well as individual members Brooks Nielsen and Matt Taylor, and several other unnamed entities as defendants. It claims the Growlers have infringed on the company’s trademarks, using the Beach Goth name to benefit the band and defendants financially, and seeks an unspecified amount in compensation. Neither the Observatory, Noise Group or the Growlers responded to multiple interview requests regarding the suit.

More of the story at OC Weekly, and check out photos from this year's fest.

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