"It’s great to be spending this Tuesday night in this outer space ship!" Beach House's Alex Scally was commenting on the cavernous, ornate and just a little alien Kings Theater, the Brooklyn venue where the band played their first of two sold-out shows on Tuesday night (7/19). It was a near perfect location for the Baltimore duo's otherworldly sound, and they filled every inch of it with their hallucinatory, elegiac music and quietly dazzling visuals.

Scally also noted that it seemed impossible that he hadn't been to NYC in three years, and was very happy to be back, receiving roaring applause from the packed house. This crowd was amped to have Beach House back, and broke out into rapturous applause and woo-ing with nearly every song intro, every Scally guitar filigree and, especially, anytime Victoria Legrand let loose and belted it out. There was a lot of wooing Tuesday night.

While songs from Teen Dream ("Silver Soul," "Take Care") and Bloom ("Lazuli," "Myth") may have gotten the biggest reactions from the crowd, Kings Theatre was here for all of it, including new double album Once Twice Melody, which grabbed the biggest share of the setlist. The album's title track opened the night, and the magisterial "Over and Over" capped the evening, but the most magical highlights from the album on Tuesday were the celestial "Pink Funeral," with its trap-influenced beat and magical omnichord swirls, and "Superstar," reworked into more of a slow-build arrangement, which came back-to-back mid-set. OTM's "New Romance," which closed out the main set, was matched with the show's most psychedelic visuals, multiplying Legrand at her keyboard so that it looked like a thousand swaying crosses behind them as the audience was bathed into multicolored lights.

Other highlights for me: Depression Cherry's "PPP" and Teen Dream's "Silver Soul," where Scally's slide guitar matched Legrande's voice beat for emotive beat; the eerie, hypnotic "Lemon Glow" from 7 which led into Once Twice Melody's acoustic-driven "Modern Love Stories"; the soaring "Myth" (maybe the biggest applause of the night) and gorgeous, melancholic Bloom outtake "Wherever You Go."

The visuals of the night were elegantly realized and really complimented their enveloping sound. One of the most simple effects was also the most transcendent:  LeGrande, Scally and drummer James Barone, lit in silhouette against a starfield that, with smoke rising from the floor glowing with neon, recalled James Webb's recent Space Telescope photo, and felt like we really were on some outer space ship travelling to a distant galaxy.

Mary Lattimore, who is on this leg of the tour, makes for a nice opener with her loop pedal-assisted harp. She also managed to keep with the interstellar theme, as one of her lengthy, ethereal pieces on Tuesday was "For Scott Kelly, Returned to Earth," about astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent a year in space in the mid-'00s.

Beach House and Mary Lattimore play Kings Theatre again tonight and it's sold out. You can check out pics from their show on Monday at New Haven's College Street Music Hall, and the Kings Theatre Night 1 setlist is below.


SETLIST: Beach House @ Kings Theatre 7/19/2022
Once Twice Melody
Dark Spring
Silver Soul
Pink Funeral
Drunk in LA
Take Care
Wherever You Go
Lemon Glow
Modern Love Stories
Space Song
New Romance

Over and Over

Check out photos from Beach House's New Haven show earlier this week:

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