photos by Amanda Hatfield

Yesterday, Beach Slang announced a new album, the day after coming to NYC to cover The Replacements' Pleased to Meet Me in full at Knitting Factory (7/12). Beach Slang are of course no strangers to covering Replacements songs, and they had a lot of fun with this. James said he'd never felt so cool as he did playing "Shooting Dirty Pool," and there was lots of complimenting of Ruben's guitar solos. One of James' childhood friends, named Dave, who got him into the Replacements, came out and played guitar for a song. Craig Finn came out for "Can't Hardly Wait" (video of that one below).

After playing the album, they did another of their usual covers (Jawbreaker's "Boxcar") with Ruben on drums. They basically said since it was the last night of tour they were down to play as long as people would stick around and commented on the lack of curfew in NYC. We didn't stay to see how late they went. Did you?

The whole show was bands covering classic albums, with The Can't Tells (playing Pixies' Doolittle) and Gambles (playing PJ Harvey’s Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea) opening. Gambles' frontman told the crowd that Stories is one of his favorite albums, and he got dressed up in a minidress and fishnets to play the part of PJ Harvey. He also brought out a woman to sing guest vocals on a few songs, including "This Is Love" and "We Float," the latter of which also had them stepping back from the mics and encouraging a singalong from the crowd.

Beach Slang, who are now without drummer JP, have more shows coming up, including Asbury Park with The Bouncing Souls, and a free Surf Lodge show in Montauk.

Pictures of the Knitting Factory show continue below...



The Can't Tells

Beach Slang