photos by Nick Karp

Road warriors Beach Slang brought their never-ending tour back to NYC on 4/20 at Music Hall of Williamsburg for a sold-out show with Potty Mouth, Dyke Drama and Constant Companion. As most of their recent shows have been, it was a gloriously shambolic-yet-tight set that included most of their discography, a handful of Jawbreaker and Replacements covers, and other impromptu partial-covers, like P. Diddy's "Bad Boys For Life" and Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper." They also mentioned on stage that their sophomore album is already in the can and they'll have it out this September. They debuted two songs from the album, one called "Atom Bomb" and one called "Spin the Dial," both of which had that already-trademark Beach Slang sound. One of them, though, had a bit of a grittier edge than this band usually does.

They play one of the free Surf Lodge shows in Montauk this year, and they mentioned on stage that it won't be long before they're back in NYC too.

Pictures of Beach Slang's set, and also some of Potty Mouth, continue below...


Potty Mouth

Beach Slang