Beastie Boys have a greatest hits coming out October 23 via UME, and surviving members Mike D and Ad-Rock appear on Public Enemy's upcoming album, and now they've also put their 1995 hardcore punk EP Aglio e Olio up on streaming services. The Beastie Boys had been bringing some of the sounds of their early '80s punk days back into their music in the '90s, and as Mike D put it, when they were working on 1998's Hello Nasty, "we realized that we had way too many hardcore songs to possibly put on the next album, so we decided to release them all together as an EP." For the recording, the trio were joined by drummer Amery "Awol" Smith, who played on the first Suicidal Tendencies album and also contributed to the Beasties' 1994 album Ill Communication.

The Beasties' punk side is always a treat to hear, and this EP is a great -- often overlooked -- piece of Beastie Boys history, and it's very good news that it's now on streaming. Listen below.


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